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Although Spring is in the air, we are still getting some cold and wet weather and some of you may be experiencing a build up of mould in your home. Here are some helpful tips on combating mould.

Ventilation is a key factor to ensuring a mould free environment. Try and ventilate your home daily if possible and allow fresh air to circulate.

When possible, put hang wet washing outdoors to dry. Wet clothes hold a great deal of moisture.

Invest in a dehumidifier; most modern dehumidifiers are very economical.

Use the exhaust fan in your bathroom. That’s what it’s there for! The exhaust fan will help eliminate excess moisture from your bathroom, especially after showers. Run one during and after your shower for a minimum of 1 hour. If you don’t have one, leave the door open, and ideally a window as well.

Clean your shower curtain on a regular basis. This helps reduce the soap residue that mildew feeds on.

Use storage baskets with holes that allow air to pass through, so that moisture can’t build up in these areas.

Hang damp towels to dry completely. Hang them so that the air can pass through them to avoid that sour dank-towel smell. The same goes for sponges—don’t just leave a sopping-wet sponge in a puddle in the sink. When you’re done with them, wring them out well and put them somewhere where they can dry out completely, like a sponge holder.

Use a squeegee after you shower or towel-dry the tiles and tub. It’s the best way to eliminate water build-up on tiles, grout, and other areas.

Keep your shower and bath as clear of bottles as possible. That toiletry jungle collects tons of moisture and gives mildew a banquet. Try to reduce your shampoo options (how many do you really need, anyway?) and keep the bottle crowding at bay.

Remember, mould will not grow if moisture isn’t present—so that’s the key to beating it inside your home!

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